Tuesday, January 18, 2011

How to make money with Google Adsense Tips!

Alright, now here are a couple of extra tips about how to make more money with Google Adsense.

  • First, keep your website updated, and constantly use your keyword, even if you have succeeded in getting the ads you wanted with keywords, it may change, and if you forget about it and start posting without mentioning your Google Adsense keywords at all, your ads could change to something completely different.
  • Remember to have ads on your blog, but don't annoy people by overusing Google Adsense. Having a couple of ads on your blog rather than just one is a great idea, and it'll probably help you make more money with Google Adsense, however don't put too many ads. I've seen far too many blogs with huge flash annoying pop-up ads everywhere, and believe me, it doesn't want to make me click them at all
  • My final point isn't really a tip on how to make more money, but rather a tip on how to not loose money. Keywords are tricky things and a problem that comes up a lot is your payment per click going down a lot. If your ads are paying less per click, then theres a 99% chance that your keywords are the problem. The thing is, keywords are exact, maybe the keywords "Maintaining solar panels" are worth 2 dollars a click and the keywords "Keeping solar panels" are worth 2 cents a click! Just remember to keep your keywords as exact as possible!
Well thats it for now, remember to check back regularly because I'll be posting more updates everyday!

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  1. interesting stuff... yeah my eCPM tends to fluxuate a lot along with my cpc...though i dont really have a core theme for my blog lmao